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How to Register for Membership

There are two ways to apply for M&A Plus membership.

1. Fill in the Membership Application Form and mail it to the Office. 2. Apply online via the specified form.

Please use either method to apply for membership.

01Preparation of Membership Application Form

The Membership Application Form can be downloaded in PDF format from the "Download materials" page on this site.
You can also request a form by contacting the M&A Plus Office via the Contact form or telephone.
Note: If you would like to apply for membership via the Contact form, make sure to include your contact details, preferred method of contact, and, if applicable, matters such as that you do not want your employees to know that you have contacted M&A Plus.

Download Membership Application Form

You can download the Membership Application Form
in PDF format.

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Contact the M&A Plus Office

Call 0800 919 0066 (free) "
or contact us via the online form.

Contact form

01Mailing of Membership Application Form

After filling in and stamping/signing the membership application materials, please send the required documents to the M&A Plus Office. Please make sure that you fill in all the required information. After your application has been approved, an M&A Plus login account will be issued for the person listed on the FA Business Registration Form. Those signing up for FA membership can apply for additional accounts.

  • ▼(Required documents) Seller/buyer membership
  • Membership Application Form
  • Confirmation Form
  • ▼(Required documents) FA membership
  • Membership Application Form
  • FA Business Registration Form
  • Account Application Form (only if you apply for additional accounts)
  • Confirmation Form

Note: Those applying for FA membership should note that user fees differ by type of membership.

03Membership examination, account issuance

In order to promote safe transactions between M&A Plus members, the M&A Office examines the membership applications of all prospective members.
The result of the examination will be sent via email. Successful applicants will be issued a login ID, password, and one-time password for authentication, which will be sent along with instructions on how to change these.

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please feel free to contact us.

Please feel free to contact us.


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