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01You do not have to be an expert

Your FA will help out with negotiations

Many executives considering a sale do not have M&A experience, and do not know who to consult with or are unsure whether negotiations will be conducted appropriately. Within M&A Plus, representatives of regional financial institutions and accounting firms, as well as other financial advisors (FAs), who are experts in M&A matters, serve as buyer and seller FAs and provide support in M&A transaction negotiations. That is why you do not have to be knowledgeable about M&As to feel safe about making a transaction.

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You can search for FAs yourself

The M&A Plus site includes information on financial advisors (FAs), which can be browsed for free. You can refer to their fields of expertise and record, and make a request for FA services via the site.
The keys to making the right choice are looking at field of expertise and record to determine whether the FA in question has the ability to influence the negotiation with your counter-party, and confirming whether you and the FA seem compatible.

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02Fairer transactions

In the M&A business, an intermediary is typically placed between the executive looking to sell (seller) and the company examining a purchase (buyer), with the intermediary paid a brokerage commission by both the seller and the buyer. That is why there have been concerns about conflicts of interest. With M&A Plus, there are no intermediaries: instead, the seller and buyer each have FAs assigned to them, and these FAs then solve any problems between each other, resulting in fairer transactions.

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03More information

In the M&A business, it used to be that the seller could only choose a suitable transaction counterpart off a list of potential buyers provided by the intermediary. But with M&A Plus, you can use all the information registered by M&A Plus members (sellers, buyers, and FAs) to search for a potential counterpart. This greatly increases the choices for examination, and allows for matching that is better suited to the needs of both sellers and buyers.

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