Guide to Selling of Business

Before closing down your company, consider the option of selling it.
An appropriate M&A will bring happiness to the people involved with your company and its business.

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01Keep the company going

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Your company is valuable and should be passed down to the next generation. Use M&A Plus to solve your succession issues.

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You set up your company with high aspirations and have given everything to cultivate its business. It is both your private property and a valuable social property. Choosing an M&A to keep your company going and pass your business on to the next generation is the kind of social contribution only a company president can make. People hoping to succeed you and keep your business going are waiting at M&A Plus.

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02Earn more income than by closing the business

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Life goes on even after you stop working. Aim to earn cash and secure a happy retirement..

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In some cases, owners may gain higher earnings by using an M&A and selling their companies, compared with other cases by conducting a liquidation. Businesses and assets are evaluated by continuing value instead of liquidation value. Assessing goodwill depending on the businesses’ attractiveness will indicate their companies’ real values. Before liquidating the businesses, owners may be able to consider selling their companies.

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03Remove uncertainty about the future and maintain relationships with business counterparts

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Are you feeling uncertain about the future of your company? From an outsider's point of view, that anxiety may seem needless; it could even include brightly shining appeal.

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A successful M&A ends the executive's joint liability, freeing you from the uncertainty about the future of the business you have been feeling. A merger with a successful corporation interested in your company can bring synergy benefits that help your business develop, heighten trust in the company, and help maintain relationships with business counterparts.

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