Beginner’s Guide

"Both our company and its business are sound, but we have no choice but to give up due to the lack of a successor."
We have heard many such lamentations from the owners of small- and medium-sized businesses throughout Japan.

Our sense of mission and strong determination to do something about this issue facing Japanese society is what gave birth to M&A Plus.

The thought of M&A Plus

We have had many company executives, mainly ones who are active outside Japan's big cities, tell us how they would like to consider an M&A as a solution to the issue of a lack of successors, but do not know who to consult with. Meanwhile, M&A experts* from all over Japan have told us how they would like to know more about the M&A needs of companies in other prefectures.

That is why the Deloitte Tohmatsu Group has teamed up with financial institutions, attorneys, certified public accountants, tax accountants, and M&A-specialized companies throughout Japan to establish M&A Plus, an M&A matching platform. We hope that its vast information volume will support the fairer, faster, and less costly realization of our users' M&As.

*Means experts providing M&A support; refers mainly to financial institutions, law firms, accounting firms, and M&A-specialized companies. Referred to as "FAs" below.

※1:M&A It refers to experts who support projects, who work for financial institutions, law firms, accounting firms, M&A specialized companies, etc. Hereinafter, it is expressed as FA.

The 3 benefits for executives
considering a sale


Keep the company going

An M&A is one way to solve the issue of succession and keep the company going.


Earn more income than
by closing the business

Compared to liquidation, there are cases in which an M&A results in more income for the seller.


Remove uncertainty about the future and maintain relationships with business counterparts

Executives often feel a vague uncertainty about the future. A successful M&A removes the executive's joint liability. Relationships with business counterparts can also be maintained.

The 3 benefits for companies
considering a purchase


Speed up the growth of the existing business

Bringing in new knowhow and resources from the outside can become the basis for dramatic growth.


Reduce entry-related risks

When entering a new business area, incorporating a company with experience in that area can help reduce entry-related risks.


Create synergy benefits

An M&A can, for example, improve a company's ability to negotiate with suppliers, reduce unit prices, and eliminate redundant purchasing functions. Synergy benefits, such as the acquisition of new distribution channels, can also be expected.

Difference between M&A Plus and other services

Terms of registration Matching Process management Fair M&A transactions
Other companies No examination ×
M&A Plus Membership examination required

Membership terms: Before membership registration, the M&A Plus Office will conduct a strict membership examination, allowing only trustworthy members to be registered.

Matching: When a match is made and both the seller and buyer's FAs determine that the match merits negotiations, approval will be sought from the seller and buyer.

Process management: When the seller and buyer have agreed to negotiations, the M&A process will be visualized on the system until the transaction is completed.

Fair transactions: Intermediary actions, which involve the reception of service fees from both the buyer and seller, are prohibited.Fair transactions are promoted by always having FAs assigned to both parties.