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Price Plans

Seller/buyer membership is free.

In order to promote safe transactions between M&A Plus members, the M&A Office examines the membership applications of all prospective members.
Seller members and buyer members do not pay user fees. There are three types of membership available for FA members, who are M&A experts*.
The fee structure varies by type of membership.

*Means financial advisors providing M&A support; refers to individuals employed by entities such as financial institutions, law firms, accounting firms, and M&A-specialized companies
Referred to as "FAs" below.




Prices shown are tax-excluded
(*1) Upon passage of membership examination and account issuance
(*2) 1 account per user (use of account by more than one person is prohibited)
(*3) From third account onward: 10,000 yen / month per account
(*4) Upon completion of report on FA contract conclusion
(*5) Upon completion of report on conclusion of final agreement


General FA commission structure

FA commission structures are set separately by each business operator, and fees may be incurred at each stage of the M&A process. With M&A Plus, you can view the commission structure and characteristics of each FA business operator before selecting an FA. The formula below is generally used when calculating the contingent fee amount.

◎Formula: selling price x rate = contingent fee

[Selling price] [Rate]
・Under 500 million yen 5%
・500 million to under 1 billion yen 4%
・1 billion to under 5 billion yen 3%
・5 billion to under 10 billion yen 2%
・Over 10 billion yen 1%
一般的なFAの手数料体系について イメージ画像

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please feel free to contact us.

Please feel free to contact us.


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