M & A Plus
Light Member

Free service that provides initial support and information provision for M & A operations

Light members are member types that can receive free consultation on M & A work and information on M & A.

MERITFour major benefits of joining the Light membership

  • 01
    M & A talk
    Please contact us by phone or email for M & A projects and how to proceed
  • 02
    E-mail magazine
    Information on M & A projects (partly) and M & A will be delivered regularly
  • 03
    You can participate in the M & A information exchange meeting limited to M & A Plus members ※1
  • 04
    Member discount
    You can use our services at a discounted price
  • ※1Participation fee will be charged separately.

In M & A
Do you have problems
like this?

  • If there is a contact point where you feel free to consult so that, we can always meet M & A needs of customers…
  • I want to start M & A work, but I'm worried if I'm alone
  • I want to expand M & A operations in the future, but my own resources are not enough
  • I want to hold a wide range of information on M & A

TARGETThose who are eligible for Light membership

  • Professional office

    Professional office

  • Consultant


  • M & A boutique

    M & A boutique

  • Fund


If you are considering transfer (sale) or transfer (acquisition) of the company, please contact us from here

STEPFlow of Light membership registration

  • Enter company / user information

    Enter company / user information

  • Receive registration completion email

    Receive registration completion email ※2

  • Start using the service

    Start using the service

  • ※2There are examination criteria, and it may take some time. Competitors may decline.

SERVICEService content by member type

Service content by member type
Service content by member type

If you would like to confirm the details, please see "M & A Plus Member Category Comparison"

M & A Plus Member Category Comparison (PDF)

Light member

Light members offer consultations on M & A projects and advice to those who want to start M & A work. Specifically, we regularly exchange information about M & A by e-mail, and we also hold exchange meetings because we value face-to-face relationships between M & A Plus members. In addition, some paid services such as "Professional Training Courses" offered by the Company are eligible for member-only discounts.

  • M & A talk

    M & A talk

  • E-mail magazine

    E-mail magazine

  • Seminar


  • Member discount

    Member discount

Standard Member / Professional Member / Active Member

Professional members and standard members will be charged, but you can receive services that help you practice M & A work. M & A Plus is an M & A matching platform that is building a network dedicated to FAs (financial advisors) on a nationwide scale. "FA Together" is a service that mainly engages in M & A operations for sale projects together with experienced FAs, and is a system that supports members who are worried about their own M & A operations.

Paid service lineup

  • M & A business training

    M & A business training

  • Corporate analysis AI service

    Corporate analysis AI service

  • IM creation service

    IM creation service

Those who wish to join the Light membership

Please register from here (time required about 5 minutes)

Those who wish to join
Standard Member / Professional Member / Active Member

First of all,
please feel free to contact us.

Please feel free to contact us.

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