How to Register for Membership

There are two ways to apply for M&A Plus membership.

1. Complete the Member Registration Application Form and mail it to the Office. 2. Use the Online Form to apply online.

Submit a membership application with one of these methods.

01Preparing an application for member registration

You can download the membership application form from this site’s Downloads page.
Alternatively, use the Inquiry Form or call to request an application form for membership registration from the M&A Plus Office.

* If you have any preferences to communicate with us - for example, if you do not hope to let your employees know that you are consulting M&A Plus - make sure to indicate your request and inform us of the contact method of your choice on the inquiry.

Downloading an application form for member registration

You can download the file of the application form
for member registration here.

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Contact the M&A Plus Office

Please call 0800-919-0066 (free)
or use the online form to contact us.

Contact form

01Mailing of Membership Application Form

Fill in and affix your seal to the application forms, prepare the necessary documents, and send to the M&A Office. Please take care to ensure that there are no omissions. Once member screening is complete, an account for logging in to M&A Plus will be issued to the person indicated on the Membership registration application. Those who wish to register as FAs can also apply for additional accounts.

  • ▼(Required documents) Seller/buyer membership
  • Application Form for Member Registration
  • Confirmation Form
  • ▼(Required documents) FA membership
  • Application Form for Member Registration
  • Account Application Form (only if you apply for additional accounts)
  • Confirmation Form

* Please note that fees for FAs vary depending on the desired membership type.

03Membership examination, account issuance

In order to ensure the safety of transactions among members of M&A Plus, the M&A Office screens all members upon joining.
You will receive the results of screening via email. If you pass the screening, you will also receive authentication information, such as How to Log In, Password and How to Enter Your One-Time Password.

First of all,
please feel free to contact us.

Please feel free to contact us.

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